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Thursday, August 11, 2011

City of London Is Falling Down

The past several days we've heard and seen how the heart of England has been smashed, burned and looted. And the world asks why? We have been given several reasons, but none so equivocally. The Atlantic Wire summarized it down to six:

1. Opportunistic Criminality
2. Ruling Conservative Party's austerity measures--a mixture of spending cuts and tax hikes
3. Simmering Problems Among Black Youth
4. Simmering Problems Among All Youth
5. Hard Economic Times
6. Wealth Disparities

Granted that all of the above are true, are they enough to burn down a city and lose humanity? To be devoid of reason like irrational animals? With apologies to these animals.

Grudgingly, I want to embrace Gabriela, Anak Bayan, Bayan Muna, Partido ng Manggagawa and other leftist groups for their tamer approach to going on strike. To bring up EDSA 1 will be a stretch.

Some blame multi-culturism in Europe, leaving racist remarks like leave Europe to the whites; the colored ones go back to their third-world origin. Well, why not? But who's gonna clean the oven, who's gonna clean the toilet? Still, if the Western World is so bad, why does half the world long for it and be in it? Why can't the world just sit still where they are and be happy while at it?

Because the grass is always greener in Europe and there's a-plenty at the land of milk and honey and the great dream always comes true in the land of the free. Never mind if Malaysia is truly Asia or the Philippines has more than the usual.

Thus, we have these:

(Above pictures aren't mine, of course. Thank you to the various sources on the Net.)

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