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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bonifacio Would Be CEO Today, not an "Endo"

Says the PDI picture headline caption: "If he were alive today, Andres Bonifacio would have been also a victim of low wages and contractualization, militants said in a protest rally yesterday at Manila's Liwasang Bonifacio."

As usual, the militants had to have a say.

Bonifacio was intelligent, smart, aggressive, loyal and had unquestionable people skills. He was the breadwinner of the family having been orphaned at an early age. One look at his biography in any high school textbook would tell you that he had the makings of a self-made man. If he were alive today, he would not be rallying on the streets. He would be helping build this nation by his industry, by his contributions to our society.

No, sir. He wouldn't allow himself to be a victim of circumstances. He would work before dawn to late afternoon and study in the evening. He would finish school at the top of his class. He would get a good job, not necessarily a high-paying job, at first, but a job that would give him more skills and experience. And he would be noticed for his hard work, patience, good leadership skills, and intelligence. He would be promoted and rise from the ranks.

No, sir. Bonifacio would excel and survive and succeed. He would never be an "endo." Bonifacio was so much better than that.

You just don't insult my hero!


  1. I remember an encounter with one of these militants back in UP when I was still a student. Stupid fool was recruiting me to join one of their protest rallies. So I had to ask, what's your grade in History and/or Social Science? I made a bet with him that if his grade is better or equal to my grade then I would join them, otherwise, STFUP.

    Cory was a newly installed president. And I had rallied for her. I would have died for her. I wasn't about to rally against her because of some stupid fool. Oh yeah, my grades for both History and Social Science were both 1.0. And no, the stupid fool didn't even dare show me his class card.

  2. The rants of the militants are as old as the Cry of Balintawak. When I was in college and being a promdi, I was lured into joining rallies in Mendiola. That's how they do it. They victimize naive and impressionable freshmen to hate the government, the rich people, the capitalists, the United States, the whole world, the whole universe. Unfortunately some students never grow up. Old and grey, they still march the streets and when lucky get elected as congressmen. I joined my school's Katipunan Party for only a couple of months. Too bad for them, I discovered a paradise called "The White House," the school's newly built library with books that made you wish for the faculty of college of languages and linguistics to have daily meetings the rest of the semester.