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Monday, April 2, 2012

Mon Downs

First off, I'd like to thank McDonald's Fastbytes for the free WIFI.

Back at the office the connection has been stone-age-ish since the weekend. And while I download those emails, here I come with some thoughts.

McDonalds has been playing some cheesy songs from Martin Nievera (Just Say You Love), Michael Bolton (I Said I Loved You But I Lied), Depeche Mode (Somebody) etc. this morning.

The sun is up from where I sit. Real summer sun. Trees sway ever so lightly.

David Archuleta released an OPM album last week. Forevermore. I think the track "Maybe" by NeoColors was the best from the other four I heard. (Shut up!)

Mike Enriquez has been very careful pimping CJ Corona. Or is it because, we have not been tuning in to DZBB lately?

Finished reading "The Catcher In The Rye." Will take note to write about it when the mood catches me.

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  1. Ah so you finally read it. If you did not love it, I will only forgive you because you are female. It is mostly about "boy" angst -- I figured this when I asked my ex GF, a writer, to read it. She couldn't get past the first chapter. She thought that Holden Caulfield was an a-hole (like me). But trust me, boys do get it. We, mostly anyway, go through that phase in life.