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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bonifacio is Dead!

Giant China insists claim on Scarborough Shoal as it does on Spratly Islands. And based on most of the commentaries I read and hear, a lot of Filipinos are willing to go to war if China does not bug off.

How sweet! We cannot even win a war against one Henry Sy who insists on earth balling Baguio pine trees to put up his parking lots, we dare go to war against his whole country?

We are willing to go to war for measly shoals and coral reefs, but we close our eyes on people who fuck up the whole nation. Real sweet! Gawd! We cannot even eradicate Abu Sayyaf, the MILFs,  the NPA!

Every other Filipino wants to leave this country any way, why care about a few islands China has been drooling to conquer and own?

Enough of play acting bravery. Bonifacio will not resurrect.

In other news, "PH: World's best country in business English," and "Filipinos among 'least rude' in the world, says survey."

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