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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who Are You When I'm Not Looking

It is country and I've listened to it a million times abusing the replay button.

Instead of complaining about not understanding what a woman is, this songwriter and singer asks who a woman is when a man isn't looking.

Once in a while a man makes sense when talking about us - women.

And here's my reply:

My oh my, if you think I'm good-looking
Hold myself together like a pair of bookends
You don't know the rest of the story
Haven't seen the lines on my face in the morning.

I put whisky and lime in my iced tea,
Dance in the mirror to cheesy rock by Skidrow
Sometimes in my pyjamas
Other times just in my Havaianas.

My oh my, if you think I'm so clever,
Looking real smart in my corporate number.
You don't know I curl barefoot on the floor
When I've been wrong ten times or more.

Do you still wanna know?

Do I break things when I get mad?
No, baby, that's just in the movies.
I get in the car and drive real fast.
I dial home to listen to children's voices
My nephews talking baby and I acting fairy.

I am this when you're not around
When the lights are out and I'm all I've got.
I read Og Mandino's self-help books
And listen to music, and yes, of David Cook.

My oh my, if you think I'm good-looking
I cry oceans without a sound, a typhoon slowly brewing.

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