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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mate Shopping

In a world where high technology communication can go cheaper than a grain of salt, single individuals still find meeting people for true companionship the most difficult. When the best things in life are almost free, we find ourselves facing an empty wall.

Have we all contracted a disease that makes us all numb, bereft of any feeling the exact time we meet our match? What happened to Shakespeare's "love is blind and lovers cannot see" outbreak? Hundreds of years have left us simply looking, scrutinizing, checking sizes, color and fit. And most of us end up late for our years still looking and going through a series of failed matches.

But aren't we just being the intellectuals our generation has produced? Learning from history books of failed relationships after our mothers burned all the fairy tale books.

I am guilty of this, too. And when I meet a nice guy, I may just have to ask him if he believes in fairy tales. And it will not matter what his answer is going to be. Because starting today, I will abandon the ideas of matches made in heaven, of opposites attract, of must- have/must-be lists.

Life is too short to be simply short-listed. Or rejected as a mis-match.

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