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Monday, March 12, 2012

"Friendly" GMA TV Network

As expected, Chief Justice Corona's media campaign exclusively over GMA TV Network was picked up by other outfits: radio, television and newspapers, including the arch rival ABS CBN's Kapamilya Network and DZMM Radio.

The next day, it was all what the newspapers carried as headlines.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer emblazoned "Corona Counterattacks in GMA TV Network" which said, "A member of the Corona camp said the Chief Justice’s visit to GMA 7 yesterday was a start of his “media hopping” to “friendly” media companies."

The word "friendly" caught me and had me do a double take. So if it were true, I was right in my observations about GMA 7's political leanings.

That same day, I sent a tweet to @gmanews, "The Official Twitter Account of GMA News in the Philippines:"

"@gmanews, what say you about PDI calling you a "friendly" television network to Corona? & I thought I was the only one who noticed."

There was no reply, of course. But I got my reply by way of a letter GMA Network, Inc. sent to PDI Letters Section today billed as "'Friendly' GMA: source grossly misinformed."

The letter sender, Butch S. Raquel, GMA Network, Inc.'s consultant for corporate communications, said GMA requested for an interview with Chief Justice Renato Corona as early as December 2011 when the impeachment against CJ Corona was ratified by the Lower House. That they have "persisted in that request in the weeks that followed in the interest of fairness. Last Wednesday, he finally agreed." The consultant sounded as if they were the only one who thought of asking the Chief Justice for an interview.

Well, it is not their fault if CJ Corona chose GMA Network over the others.

But if you are a regular listener of Mike Enriquez in his morning radio show, er...program, you will know why Corona chose GMA for his "exclusives." Will not dwell on this further. One blog about Mike Enriquez and CJ Corona is enough.

About time GMA Network changed "Kapuso" to "Kaibigan."

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